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The Periodicals collection gathers a rich collection of Italian and international periodicals.
They are divided into Living Periodicals and Discontinued Periodicals and belong to 18 categories:
A visual arts, applied arts, design
C film
D documentation for archives, library economics, computer science
F philosophy, esthetics, education
G groups of two or more disciplines
H “various”: culture, sociology
I mass media
L literature and poetry
M music and dance
P photography
R bibliographic repertories
T theater
U city planning, architecture
V “various”: politics, current events
W periodicals from museums and visual arts galleries
X periodicals from cultural institutions
Y national periodicals for general information
Z periodicals from local institutions for local information.
The collection contains 2806 titles of which approximately one third are still living.
The material is completely inventoried.
Available search tools include:
1. a printed alphabetical catalog by title of the living periodicals and the discontinued periodicals;
2. a digital database of living and discontinued periodicals that allows browsing by fields or by key words;
3. a digital SBN catalogue.