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Festa del Redentore 2014

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fund-raising project for the ASAC
06 | 24 | 2014

Ca’ Giustinian, Venice. July 19th, 8:30 pm

La Biennale di Venezia, on the occasion of the 2014 Festa del Redentore, will host in its terrace at Ca’ Giustinian the usual fund-raising dinner for the Asac (Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts).

Each year, in line with tradition, at sunset, hundreds of boats lit by paper lanterns and decorated with baubles and leafy branches, arrive in the Bacino di San Marco and Canale della Giudecca.

Amidst music and songs, people eat a meal based around local dishes while they await the grand fireworks display lasting more than thirty minutes and leading up to midnight, which lights up the sky and waters of Venice with lights and colours.

If you wish to participate, please fill in the Registration Form and send it back no later than Friday, July 11th.