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The reopening of the Biennale Library at the Giardini on 27th August 2010 marks the welcome completion of the ASAC (the Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts) and its return to full functionality, dedicated primarily to Venice. The Library alongside the Central Pavilion was part of the project to reorganize and renovate the building as a venue for exhibitions and a multi-purpose space.

The new Biennale Library finally finds its place in a completely restored wing of the Central Pavilion in the Giardini. An extraordinary location, both from a functional point of view, and for its architectural quality, with high standards for consultation, reading rooms for the public, for students in Venice, for researchers and visitors to the exhibitions.

Ten years after, the Library therefore reopens completely to the public, and is returned to the city in a renovated building: an ideal venue because it is alive, and in close touch with the events of the Biennale.

The first phase of construction was completed in June 2009 – for the opening of the 53rd International Art Exhibition – and involved the restoration of several rooms for the consultation of books, catalogues, and art periodicals. Now the rest of the books and periodicals of the Biennale, in the fields of Architecture, Cinema, Dance, Music, and Theatre, find permanent placement.

The ASAC (the Historical Archives of the Biennale) is thus rationally organized: on the one hand the new location at the Giardini for consulting the Library collections, and on the other the previous location at the Vega in Marghera, which will continue to preserve and allow consultation of the historic archives (visited by large numbers of researchers and scholars, with an increasing number of reservations thanks to its easy-to-reach location) and the remaining collections that require storage areas with technological conservation standards, such as the photo library and painting collections.

The Library is open to visitors Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.