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71st Venice Film Festival

27th August > 6th September 2014

The Venice Film Market of the 71st Venice Film Festival will join and reinforce the Industry Office, which in turn will continue to function as it has in past years throughout the entire Venice Film Festival, offering many services to the guests.
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SUBMITTING A FILM: In order to be eligible for selection, the films presenters must, no later than 20th June 2014, fill out the selection entry form.

Gravity wins 7 Oscars

Oscar for the Best Directing to Alfonso Cuarón.

The opening film of the 70th Venice Film Festival 2013, Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón won 7 Oscars including the Oscar for Directing. “This is the first time in 40 years that the opening film in Venice has won so many Oscars – stated the Director of the Venice Film Festival, Alberto Barbera. A triumph that confirms the Venice Film Festival as one of the most prestigious opportunities for internationally launching and promoting the most important films of the season.” >>

Biennale College – Cinema (second edition)

At the 71st Venice Film Festival

A training workshop for the development and production of micro-budget feature films. In partnership with Gucci. For the second edition (2013/14) three projects have been selected as finalists, and announced on 27th November 2013. The three finalists, after the 2nd and 3rd workshops that were held in Venice, are to be funded with a 150,000 euro contribution and the feature films will screen at the 71st Venice Film Festival in 2014.