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The Venice Film Market at the 71st Festival

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From Thursday 28th August to Tuesday 2nd September
08 | 06 | 2014

Pascal Diot is the Director of the Venice Film Market

After a 2nd edition which showed a 25% increase in the number of distributors, producers and sales agents attending the market as well as films presented, the 3rd edition of the Venice Film Market will be held again during the 71stVenice International Film Festival (27th August – 6th September 2014) to enhance the needs and the expectations of producers, distributors, buyers, sellers, agents and film promotion agencies.
The Venice Film Market, which runs during the first days of the Venice Film Festival, from Thursday 28th August to Tuesday 2nd September, is located in designated areas of the third floor of the Excelsior Hotel at the Venice Lido. The Venice Film Market has joined and strengthened the Industry Office which will continue to perform its functions during the whole duration of the Venice Film Festival as in previous years, by offering many services to professionals, in collaboration with Expo Venice.
Pascal Diot is the Director of the Venice Film Market. Diot has extensive experience in co-productions, distribution and international sales, as well as management of cinema markets.
The Venice Film Market is the business platform dedicated to cinema professionals attending the 71st Venice International Film Festival.
The Venice Film Market is also proud to announce that the official sponsor of this 2014 edition is the well-known Chinese web company iQIYI.
For its third edition, the VFM will be offering brand new exclusive services and features for its guests:
· A special Italian Cinema Industry Focus gathering more than 200 Italian producers, sales agents and distributors. The aim of this special focus is to support the Italian Cinema Industry in its internationalization by organizing networking sessions, panels, conferences and case studies together with all the international professionals attending Venice. Daily networking sessions will also be set up between the international and national producers and the different Italian film commissions.
· The launch of the first European Gap Financing Co-Production Market which will take place on August 29th and 30th. This new co-production market will present the following 15 European projects which have secured at least 70% of their financing. One-to-one meetings will be organized between the selected projects producers and international financiers, sales agents, distributors, post-production companies, film funds, film commissions etc.
The 15 selected projects are:
· Dawn by Laila PAKALNINA (Latvia/ Estonia)
· Bang Gang by Eva HUSSON (France)
· Dead And Beautiful by David VERBEEK (Netherlands/ France/China)
· Freedom Or Die by Vladimir BLAZEVSKI (Macedonia/France)
· Yesterday by Balint KENYERES (Hungary/France/Netherlands/Sweden/Germany)
· Il Rumeno by Catalin MITULESCU (Romania/Italy/Sweden)
· First Light by Vincenzo MARRA (Italy)
· Mountain by Amir NADERI (Italy)
· Evening Shadows by Valentina ESPOSITO (Italy)
· Peace To Us In Our Dreams by Sharunas BARTAS (Lithuania/France)
· Stage Fright by Yorgos ZOIS (Greece/Croatia/France)
· Sweetheart by Virginia GILBERT (France/Ireland/UK)
· Sworn Virgin by Laura BISPURI (Italy/Albania/Germany/Switzerland)
· The Missing Paper by Renzo MARTINELLI (Italy/Belgium)
· The Stuff Of Dreams by Stefano SAVONA (Italy/France)
· 2 market screening rooms located in the Festival hub, where it will be possible to present brand new films.
· One exclusive networking session between the international Sales Agents and Independent Exhibitors from the CICAE on August 31st from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. This special session includes on August 30th, a special screening during which the Sales Agents’ trailers will be presented to the Independent Exhibitors followed the following day by a 90’ one-to-one meeting session between the Exhibitors and the Sales Agents.

· On August 31st and September 1st will take place the second edition of the FINAL CUT IN VENICE workshop, which supports the post-production of films from Africa, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Jordan. This will consist of two working days where 6 selected work-in-progress  will be presented to producers, buyers, distributors and programmers of international film festivals, to facilitate their post-production, and to promote any co-production partnerships, as well as access to the distribution market. There will be opportunities for networking, and meetings during which the directors and producers will be able to give feedback to the workshop participants. FINAL CUT IN VENICE is held in collaboration with Mactari Mixing Auditorium, CNC, Knightworks, Titra TVS, Festival International du Film d’Amiens, Festival International de Films de Fribourg, Ile de France Film Commission, Institut Français, Laser Film, Rai Cinema, Sub-Ti Ltd and the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.
The 6 selected titles are:
· The Council by Yahya ALABDALLAH (Jordan, United Arab Emirates)
· I Have a Picture by Mohamed ZEDAN (Egypt)
· A Maid for Each by Maher ABI SAMRA (Lebanon, France)
· Possessed by Djinn by Dalia AL KURY (Jordan, Germany)
· Rollaball by Eddie EDWARDS (South Africa, Ghana)
· Tee Shirt Man by Tovoniaina RASOANAIVO (Madagascar)
· HAPPY HOURS will be held in the Market and Festival areas.
All Industry participants will receive the Industry Guide listing all company details of Industry Trade/Gold participants. This will also be available online with constant updates.
The Venice Film Market is the first market after Summer break and it offers an exclusive opportunity of discovering brand new films. The Venice Film Market offers:
· Industry Club, the new and exclusive meeting area for producers, buyers and international sellers.
· Digital Video Library enabling participants to watch films from the official selection of the Festival as well as titles submitted through the Venice Film Market. Information concerning the technical and artistic details of the films will be published in the Digital Video Library catalogue
· Industry Business Centre with information desk, Internet positions and Wi-Fi network.
· Exhibition & Event Area, a special location with industry stands, a meeting corner and reserved areas for national and international panels.
The Industry Club
The Industry Club is exclusively reserved to members of Industry Gold pass holders and their guests. It is equipped with Information desk, Internet and Wi-Fi access, quiet and comfortable meeting areas.
In addition, the Venice Film Market will offer coffee, snacks and drinks in the Industry Club lounge.
The Digital Video Library (DVL)
The DVL increases the commercial potential to all films that are present at the Venice Film Festival and Market.
The Industry Trade / Gold participants will have access to the Digital Video Library to view films from the official  selection of the festival and titles submitted through the Venice Film Market.
All accredited production and world sales companies can submit titles produced after September 1st, 2013.
The Industry Business Centre
The Industry Business Centre  is open exclusively to Industry Trade / Gold participants. It is fully equipped with Information and Business desk, Internet and Wi-Fi access.
A dedicated team will be at your disposal to provide participants with any information regarding the Venice Film Market and the Venice International Film Festival and to help them to solve any problem connected with their stay in Venice.
The Exhibition and Event Areas
A unique Exhibition Area will be located on the first floor of the Excelsior Hotel with industry stands, meeting areas and a special room for national and international panels. It is open to all Industry participants for handling their meetings, attend conferences and meet with Industry professionals at their stands.
Organizations, associations, and companies have the possibility of purchasing furbished exhibition stalls, corners or unfurnished open space in the Exhibition and Event areas.
Venice Film Market Platform
The Venice Film Market Platform (VFM Platform) is the social network for all the Industry Gold and Industry Trade pass holders of the Venice Film Festival. The platform presents: participant profiles, social wall, agenda, news, DVL catalogue, venues and useful information. The VFM Platform allows professionals to get in touch directly with producers, buyers, sellers attending the Venice Film Festival also to plan B2B meetings.
As in previous years, the Venice Film Market – Industry Office area will host a comprehensive program of seminars dedicated to the film-making industry concerning norms, technology, social and market issues.