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Venice European Gap-Financing Co-production Market

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The new event within the 3rd edition of the Venice Film Market
06 | 17 | 2014

The call for projects is open until 27 June 2014

After the second edition which showed a 25% increase in the number of distributors, producers and sales agents attending the market as well as films presented, the 3rd edition of the Venice Film Market continues its development and launches a new initiative, the Venice European Gap-Financing Co-production Market, which will take place on August 29 and 30, 2014.

The Venice European Gap-Financing Co-Production Market is a new platform intended to support the European producers to secure the final financing of their projects through one-to-one meetings with potential and appropriate international professionals.

The main criteria to participate in this original event is to have 70% of the financing in place, and the VFM will offer 16 selected projects (8 European and 8 Italian) the unique opportunity to close their international financing through selected financiers, producers, distributors, sales agents and film funds.

The call for projects has been open on May 9th and the submission deadline is June 27th. The regulations, submissions procedure and the application form are available on

A special Italian Industry Focus will also be organized this year and will emphasise the internationalisation of the Italian industry with specific networking sessions, panels and events involving international and Italian professionals.

The Venice Film Market (28th August – 2nd September 2014) of the 71st Venice International Film Festival will partner and strengthen the Industry Office, which in turn will continue to function as it has in past years throughout the entire Venice Film Festival, offering many services to its guests.

The 2013 edition of the VFM clearly showed a very positive increase in the number of  professionals attending the market, with 246 key distributors and 86 key sales agents. In addition, some 1,400 professionals, including producers, film commissions and institutions, exhibitors, film festivals etc, coming from 58 countries, attended the Venice Film Market.
The general feedback from the industry is that this Market is the perfect place for networking, and fits seamlessly with the programming of the festival, proving that Venice is once again becoming a rendezvous to add to the professional agenda.