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9th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

Director: Virgilio Sieni

19th > 29th June 2014

The 9th International Festival of Contemporary Dance - realized in collaboration with the Fondazione Prada - ran in Venice from June 19th to 29th, featuring also a “prologue” and an “epilogue”. Some of the events took place in the form of works in progress at the Corderie dell’Arsenale, during the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, starting June 7: they consisted in previews of productions that made their debut in their final version as part of the Festival. The Corderie were also the venue for the first Appunti del Vangelo secondo Matteo (Notes on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew): a special project by Virgilio Sieni that premieres in its definitive form at the Teatro alle Tese over the first three weekends of July, as a conclusion to the Festival.

Dance Biennale 2014: Mondo Novo - gesture, place, community >>
Director: Virgilio Sieni

The Program
19 > 29 June 2014

Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Steve Paxton >>
21 June 2014

Silver Lion to Michele Di Stefano >>
21 June 2014