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la Biennale di Venezia
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53rd International Festival of Contemporary Music

The Body of Sound

25 September > 3 October 2009

The 53rd International Festival of Contemporary Music, titled The Body of Sound, ran in Venice 25th September to 3rd October 2009. The Biennale Musica intends to be a place where different musical languages meet, and where a critical comparison with significant experiences of the recent past is made.

The Body of Sound refers to a fundamental theme in the music of the 20th century that still has significant effects today: the concern for the matter of sound, the refusal of the score's dictatorship, the search for a new equilibrium that from thought may bring to the body.
Two main areas of investigation were part of the Festival's program: on the one hand, futurist music, or musique concrète if you prefer, or even electronic music, until the most recent technological developments; on the other hand, ethnic and world music in the widest historical and geographical significance, that is music that is born when strictly connected to the body and to the earth.

Edgar Varèse ran through the program of the entire Festival as a sort of fil rouge: most of his masterpieces, from Arcana to Ionisation, up to Integrales, Hyperprism, and Octandre were put side by side with his younger 'acolytes' such as Ansgar Beste, Dmitri Kourliandski, and Suguru Goto. Also in the line-up the flamenco of Carmen Linares, music from the Balkans, and the blues from the roots of America.