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Biennale College - Music 2013

A project by Ivan Fedele - Director of the Music section
La Biennale di Venezia has renewed its mission in every one of its fields. In addition to its work in promoting knowledge among the general public (Exhibitions and Festivals), it has introduced a strategic program for training young artists. This programme, the Biennale College, is already operating in the areas of Dance, Theatre and Cinema. Fostering young talents, allowing them to work in contact with masters in order to develop “creations”: this is the spirit of the Biennale College, a well-equipped “bridge” that gives young people that want to engage in one of the arts to do so in the best conditions that an international institution can provide.
Starting from 2013, the Music section presents the new project of its Director Ivan Fedele. At his own discretion, the Director will select  those applicants who respond to the aims and requirements of the paths, as described below, of his 2013-2015 artistic project.
The Biennale College - Music project promotes and supports the production of up to 5 ‘low budget’ chamber music theater works on a comical, surreal and/or playful theme, lasting no longer than 12’ each which will be presented by la Biennale di Venezia and conveniently published online.
The international selection is addressed to teams composed of a composer, a librettist, a director and a set designer (the latter non – binding) aged 32 and under.
The composers don't necessarily need to be at their first work and will apply in association with librettists, directors and set designers in a chamber music theater project that develops the given theme and must involve a maximum of 6 instruments: sax (any one of the series), clarinet (piccolo, soprano or bass as desired), cello, accordion, percussions (1 performer), MIDI keyboard (non live electronics), plus a conductor if required.
No more than 3 singers can be chosen among the followings: 1 soprano, 1 mezzo-soprano, 1 tenor, 1 baritone, 1 bass, 1 male or female vocalist, 1 performer.

The application for participation must be presented exclusively as a team (composer, librettist, director and set designer – the latter non-binding). No changes in the composition of the selected teams will be accepted.