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How to participate


The required documents - to be sent no later than 10th June 2013 - include:

a) A 1-page synopsis.
b) A low-budget project more or less 5 pages long, that describes the general idea of the project the theme of which must be comical, surreal and/or playful.
c) The composers must submit two scores and relative recordings, if available, for a chamber ensemble with or without voice.
d) The librettists must present two previously written texts, not necessarily related to the theater.
e) The directors must submit at least one theater project that has already been produced, or at least developed, possibly related to the theme announced in the objectives.
f) The set designers must submit two projects that have already been produced or at least developed.
g) Curricula of composers, librettists, directors and set designers.
h) The casting project.
i) A release form concerning full ownership of the rights to the submitted project or, should the rights of third parties be involved, the guarantee that the acquisition of all rights in view of production has been acquired or is currently being negotiated.
To cover administrative costs each team will have to pay a fee of € 60 (VAT included) by credit card when sending the application
The selected teams will have to cover their meals, travel and hotel expenses in Venice for the duration of the project.
The selection will be made by the Director of the Music Department of the Biennale di Venezia, whose decision will be final; he may opt to be assisted by consultants of his own choosing, who might include, merely as an example, a director, an actor, a writer, an expert in theatre productions. The selection, up to 5 projects, will be announced by mid-July 2013.
Following the announcement the selected teams will sign a specific document with La Biennale di Venezia which will detail the conditions of their participation (for which it is expected: the commitment to participate in the seminars in Venice and to produce the project according to the established criteria, if selected; guarantee of exclusivity for the first performance; a specific clause will be included to regulate contacts with the press on the part of the selected teams, which must always be agreed upon in advance with the Biennale di Venezia; confidentiality clause).
Project Structure
The project will be made by the Director of the Music Department of la Biennale di Venezia as follows:
• During the month of October, a week-long workshop will take place in Venice, concurrently with the 57th International Festival of Contemporary Music, under the guidance of world-renowed artists, specialists in the various disciplines involved in the project.
The Artistic Director reserves the right to approve in full or in part, no later than 31 October 2013, the projects developed during this phase, and invite the teams of the selected projects to participate in the next phase.
• The score, the separate parts, the project for the stage production and sets, and the libretto must be submitted no later than 15 December 2013.
The teams of the selected projects must come to Venice for a work session with the Biennale College team, to formalize the pre-production and verify the actual feasibility and costs of each selected project.

• Four weeks before the public performance of the works in a Biennale venue in February 2014 -date to be arranged-, the teams will have to make the production of the works, which includes:
  - selection of musicians, singers or performers under the guidance of the Director of the Music Department
  - definitive draft of the production budget by the staff of the Biennale College Music
  - stage and musical rehearsals with the artists and specialists involved in the project.

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