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14th International Architecture Exhibition - Fundamentals


Biennale Musica: the 57th Festival is now over

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Another Voice, Another Space (4-13 October 2013)
10 | 13 | 2013

The 57th International Festival of Contemporary Music of the Biennale di Venezia, titled Another voice Another space and directed by Ivan Fedele, opened on Friday 4th October 2013 featuring two spectacular performances: the Helicopter String Quartet by Karlheinz Stockhausen, performed by the Arditti Quartet at a height of 1500 metres above ground among the rotor blades of 4 helicopters, and Glorious Percussion by Sofia Gubaidulina with the Orchestra del Teatro la Fenice and Les Percussions de Strasbourg.

Many other surprising events were featured in the Festival’s program, dedicated to different expressions of space and voice. Sound was projected in 3D thanks to WFS technology, the “music of matter” with the imaginative instruments created by Luca Congedo and the vocal acrobatics of David Moss, Les Cris de Paris, and the Neue Vocalsolisten.

There were great soloists in the line-up such as Christophe Desjardins, Francesco D’Orazio and the younger but equally extraordinary Marco Fusi, Michele Marelli, and Daniele Roccato: famous and more recently established orchestras and ensembles, alongside three new works of musical theatre.

Some of the concerts theatrically integrated electronics with voice and video; the collective /nu/thing in its “playlist” of composers also included the animated short films by Usavich and highlighted how beside the founding masters Berio and Stockhausen, there are many new names from the most recent generations that bear witness to the vitality of today’s music.