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Weekend Specials. Self-made City

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a workshop on sustainable urban development and self-determined urban living
10 | 25 | 2014

Arsenale Corderie (Stage D), 25 and 26 October 2014

Curated by  Kristien Ring, AA Projects
The next appointment with the Weekend Specials of Monditalia will be a workshop focused on the architectural and urban qualities of the Self Made City, it will take place Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October, at the Corderie of the Arsenale, Stage D.
SELF MADE CITY is about sustainable urban development and self-determined urban living. The success of our cities in the future will hinge upon how we utilize further development to improve urbanity–with an adequate amount of suitable, affordable housing and planning that meets our growing ecological challenges. SELF MADE CITY looks at the qualities a sustainable city of the future should have and presents projects that have helped to make that happen–components for vibrant, livable cities.
The housing markets of our major cities are determined today mainly by profit-driven, investment-oriented developments. A new self-organized format of development is helping to foster neighborhoods with mixed-use typologies and to enable affordable, flexible, multi-generational living. Independent from typical investor models, new financial structures have been tested that increase choice and reduce costs at the same time. By going from consumers to pioneers, many groups have succeeded in developing projects that generate added value and provide long-term affordability.
The self-determined design of space, be it in the form of co-housing, co-working or other project forms, has produced an architectural quality and diversity in recent years that is exemplary. SELF MADE CITY focuses on how new processes in architectural production lead to better and more sustainable solutions–comparing aspects such as flexibility, hybrid-use, shared green and open spaces, common spaces, ecological construction as well as neighborhood interaction.
The goal of this Weekend Special is not only to show best-practice architecture and essential qualities for sustainable urban development, but to also define principles and processes that are transferrable to new projects in the conditions of many other cities.
The Weekend Specials, conceived as part of the exhibition Monditalia, animates the Arsenale on weekends, as a counterpart to the programme Freeport, both essential part of the Meetings on Architecture organized by la Biennale di Venezia. The calendar of all the meetings, hours, guests and other info is available at
SELF MADE CITY looks at how self-initiated development creates essential qualities for vibrant, livable cities. 3 Workshop Sessions focus on the architectural and urban qualities of the Self Made City. How can these qualities be transferred as principles to new projects in the conditions of other cities? What are the components of a mixed and lively urban core, and how can new processes in architectural production contribute to a sustainable urban development. –What are the new typologies, processes and resulting programs?
Session 1:  11:00 am – 1:30 pm   “SELF MADE CITY_Berlin: PIONEERS”
PIONEERS –Typological and architectural manifestations: new solutions for the mixed and lively urban core. Flexibility, Construction, Typology, Shared Green and Open Spaces, Common Spaces, Private-Public Spaces, Cost Effectiveness, Land-Use and Financial Models, Ecological Building Solutions, Mixed-Use, Urban Interaction
SELF MADE CITY_Berlin Intorduction: Kristien Ring, AAPROJECTS Studio, author of SELF MADE CITY
Best-Practice Examples From Berlin: 
Julia Dahlhaus, dmsw Partnership of Architects
Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff and Jens Ludloff, Ludloff+Ludloff Architects
Almut Gruentuch-Ernst, Gruentuch-Ernst Architects
Verena von Beckerath, HEIDE & VON BECKERATH Architects
Sven Froehlich and Anja Froehlich, AFF Architects
Jens Bauermeister and Gunnar Ring, ZOOMARCHITEKTEN
Florian Koehl, fatkoehl architects
Followed by an open discussion with questions from the audience, moderated by Kristien Ring.
Session 2:  4:30 pm – 6:00 pm   “SELF MADE CITY_International Forum”
PROGRAMS – New development models, negotiation of spaces and inclusion, affordability and the resulting impulses for the city. 
International Forum_ How can our cities grow in a way that what we add brings benefits for everyone? How are alternative models working?
Impulse Talks:
Kristien Ring, AA PROJECTS, ‘SELF MADE CITY_International’ Introduction
Association Poveglia for All, „Post-crisis community: scandal of Poveglia“
Poveglia video (5 Min.) „L'Isola: Visual note by Francesca Balbo and Ignazio Lambertini“
Riccardo Bermani, Association About-Venice, „Creating a Community Garden in Venice“
Armina Pilav, Association for Culture and Art CRVENA – Sarajevo, „Sarajevo and Self-Made Solutions in the Context of War Emergency“
Igor Kovacevic, CCEA - Prague  "Bottom Top"
Philipp Misselwitz, Urban Catalyst Studio and Chair of International Urbanism and Design Institute, TU-Berlin
Followed by an open discussion with questions from the audience, with expert: Christian Burkhard, Editor Architectuul Unfinished/ moderated by Kristien Ring and Florian Koehl.
Session 3:  1:00 pm – 2:30 pm   “SELF MADE CITY_of the FUTURE”
PROCESSES – On new processes, the expanded role of the architect and the resulting impulses for the city. What are the different organizational models and how do these affect the project and resulting architecture. 
Impulse Talks:
Florian Koehl, Introduction
Matthew Griffin and Britta Juergens, Deadline Architects
Verena von Beckerath, HEIDE & VON BECKERATH Architects
Jan Edler, REALITIES:UNITED Studio for Art and Architecture
Martin Froehlich, AFF Architects
Nikolai von Rosen, Artist, Berlin/Zurich 
Jochen Sandig, RadialSystem, Berlin
Mario Husten, Juval Dieziger, Uta Mühleis, HOLZMARKT, Berlin
Followed by an open discussion with questions from the audience, moderated by Kristien Ring and Florian Koehl.
The program may be subject to change.
The Meetings are opened to the public visiting the 14th Exhibition in possession of a valid ticket.
Ticket price € 25,00 – Concessionary Ticket Price € 22/20 – Students/Under 26 € 15,00.
Tickets are valid for one admission to the Arsenale and one to the Giardini.
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