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Biennale Theatre 2015

From 30 July to 9 August 2015

The 43rd International Theatre Festival directed by Àlex Rigola will run 30th July to 9th August 2015. There are 13 shows scheduled, of which 9 are Italian premieres, alongside 18 workshops. Artists, playwrights, directors, choreographers, and companies all established on an international level will take part, each in the diversity of their own styles, as the expression of a theatre that feels the urgency to narrate the present.

Biennale College – Theatre

From 30 July to 9 August 2015

The Biennale College Theatre – 2015 will feature 18 workshops. The programme requires participants to attend the workshops in the morning and through the early afternoon, the meetings in the late afternoon, and in the evening the performances in the programme of the 43rd International Theatre Festival.
Deadline for the submission of applications: June 1st, 2015.