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Angélica Liddell, Silver Lion Award for Theatre

Friday 2 August
Sala delle Colonne of Ca' Giustinian, 4:00 pm
Award Ceremony
The Silver Lion for theatrical innovation will be presented to Angélica Liddell "For her ability to translate performative art into theatrical scenes. For her theatre of resistance. For the quality of her writing, able to transform her texts into poetry that cries out to the world and to its very soul. For her work as a performer and actress. For having erased the dividing line between different genres and styles of art, bringing the mixture of words, images, sounds, music, play, the drama, the funny and the tragic to come to make up a whole. For being one of the most successful European artists of her generation. For her denunciation of and continued attention to the weaknesses of the human being. For her continuous seeking after a communication with the public and for striving after knowledge of new cultures and forms".
Biographical notes
Angélica Liddell (Figueres, Spain – 1966)
She holds a degree in Psychology and the Dramatic arts. Her works have been translated into Portuguese, English, Romanian, Russian, and French. She has directed the Atra Bills Teatro company since founding it in 1993; the company has put on stage 22 plays. Her later works - El año de Ricardo, La casa de la fuerza, Maldito sea el hombre que confia en el hombre - have all debuted at the Festival of Avignon and at the Teatro Odeón of Paris. In 2012 she received the Premio Nacional de Literatura Dramática for La Casa de la fuerza.
Among her main plays are: El jardín de las Mandrágoras (1991), Dolorosa (1994), Frankenstein (1998), La falsa suicida (2000), El matrimonio Palavrakis (2001), Hysteria Passio (2003), Y los peces salieron a combatir contra los hombres (2003), Y cómo no se pudrió Blancanieves (2005), Perro muerto en tintorería: los fuertes (2007), Anfaegtelse (2008), La casa de la fuerza (2009).