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Biennale College - Theatre 2014

Venice, 30 July > 10 August 2014
A project by Àlex Rigola – Director of Theatre section
The Biennale di Venezia has reset its mission in all its fields. Further to the activities aimed to promote awareness among the public (exhibitions and festivals) it has added a strategic line, for the training of young artists.
This is the Biennale College, operating in the field of Dance, Music, Theater, and Cinema. It aims at promoting talents, offering them to work closely with Masters, for the development of their "creations". This is the spirit of the Biennale College: a well-equipped bridge that offers young people who want to try their hand at one of the arts, to do it in the best conditions that an international institution may offer
The Theatre section, following the experience of the previous International Theatre Workshop, proposes in 2014 the new project by Àlex Rigola. It will involve those whom the Artistic Director of the Biennale Theatre deems, in his sole discretion and in accordance with the Masters of workshops proposed, to meet the objectives of every learning path described below, as well as its requirements, being an integral part of his 2014 art project.
The Biennale College – Theatre project – once again this year wishes to display the spirit of a science lab, a place of postulation and debate. The Biennale, an open space for meetings and experimentations has been designed to be a useful opportunity for artists, scholars, spectators and enthusiasts. A real factory of ideas, around the possibilities of theater staging: languages, codes, techniques and technologies, scene studies, these are guidelines for a systematic check, carried out by Masters and experts from around the world.
The Biennale College - Theatre in 2014 will offer eight workshops. The program requires that participants follow the workshops from morning until early afternoon, the meetings in the second afternoon and evening, and in the evenings the works in progress staged by Companies in the Art Residence (with specific benefits, subject to availability of seats).
For all the workshops that require the submission of a video with no further specifications, it is understood that the video must show the applicants’ work for the theatre.
The deadline for submitting applications is May 18, 2014.
All candidates are required to fill in the registration form in all its parts and send a link to a video book lasting from 1 to 5 minutes. Any further requests are indicated for each workshop.
Workshop from 3 to 9 August involves a work with the Company aimed at preparing a brief final performance open to the public on August 9, 2014
Just for Venice
For 15 actors, dancers,  performers and 5 auditors
Participants should be able to sing and/or play an instrument.
Application Form >>
Workshops from 4 to 10 August for the creation of a short final performance, open to the public on August 10, 2014.
The Seagull
For 15 actors and 5 auditors
Application Form >>
FABRICE MURGIA  [ Read more ]
Backstage memories
English/ Italian
For 15 singers, acrobats, musicians, performers, video and visual art artists, and 5 auditors
Candidates are asked to send 10 pictures of any kind, while visual artists must submit 10 images of their work.
Application Form >>
FALK RICHTER  [ Read more ]
Heritage, Gender and Identity: A complex sense of belonging
English/ Italian
For 15 actors, dancers, performers, musicians, singers and 5 auditors
Application Form >>
LLUIS PASQUAL  [ Read more ]
About Garcia Lorca: Impossible Theatre
Spanish/ Italian
For 15 actors and 5 auditors
Application Form >>
ANTONIO LATELLA  [ Read more ]
Italian/ Spanish
For 15 actors and 5 auditors
Application Form >>
Workshop on playwriting from 6 to 10 August
MARK RAVENHILL  [ Read more ]
Laughing at Ibsen
For 20 screenwriters, directors and playwrights
It is not necessary to send the link to a video.
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Workshop on scenery from 6 to 10 August
JAN PAPPELBAUM  [ Read more ]
The Spectators, the stage and the room. Contemporary theatre in other places
German/ English
For screenwriters and architects with a passion for theatre.
It is not necessary to send a link to a video, but send instead high definition pictures of your work.
Application Form >>
The materials containing the documentation in digital copy must be sent no later than May 18, 2014.
Selections will be made at the discretion of the Artistic Director Àlex Rigola, in collaboration with the Masters of each workshop; the results will be communicated to those admitted by June 3, 2014.
100 including VAT for all workshops

Each selected candidate will be required to pay for the rights to the Secretariat after admission notice and no later than June 16, 2014.
All costs involved in participating in the workshop (travel, room and board) will be at the expense of the participants.
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